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First of all, don’t feel obliged, it’s not compulsory, and it won’t tie you into some lengthy contract which promises you all manner of fancy-dan extras whilst quietly munching away at your bank balance. However, the Sports Centre does offer two major benefits if you do decide to join:

  • You can book activities at the Centre up to seven days in advance, whilst non-members can book up to three days beforehand.
  • Secondly, the price of activities at the Centre is roughly 25% cheaper for members. In addition, it only needs one person in a family or group of friends to be a member for the member’s rate to apply, as long as the member turns up for the booking.

The cost of annual membership is as follows:

  • Adult - £81.00
  • Junior - £33.00
  • Family - £113.00
  • Over 60 - £48.00
  • Student (full-time) - £33.00

These rates change annually on 1st August. Click here for a downloadable membership form which you can print off, fill in and bring into the Centre, or send to us, along with the full fee and a passport photo. Otherwise, you are of course very welcome to just pop in and join on the spot.

We offer substantial membership discounts for companies wishing to take out a Corporate Membership at the Centre. Contact Natalie at the Centre on (01223) 500009 for further information, and if you want to take a look around, you're more than welcome!

City Council
City Council employees can benefit from Centre membership as a result of an agreement between the Council and the Centre. Individual employees pay a reduced annual fee in order to be able to book activities up to SEVEN days in advance (as opposed to three days for non-members) and to benefit from prices which are about 25% cheaper than those for NON-members.

City Council employee membership - £33.00

Cambridge Lawn Tennis Club
Adult members of this prestigious club are able to benefit from using all our facilities at the cheaper member's rate without having to pay the initial Centre membership fee - a massive saving! If you're a CLTC member, come and find out what we've got to offer.