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The centre offers a wide range of great-value tennis courses throughout the year both in the daytime and evening:

  • Open to both members and non-members alike.
  • Take place on our superb indoor tennis courts; no risk of weather cancellation!
  • Courses run by a fully qualified tennis coach.
  • 90 Minute Sessions
  • 12 week block.
  • Beginner, Improver and Intermediate standard currently available.
  • Tennis @ 10am Courses offer a more relaxed setting weekday daytimes.
  • Numbers limited to 10 people per course, allowing pupils to gain plenty of detailed tuition.

Beginners: Designed to introduce you to all aspects of tennis, learning the basic skills and tactics to start playing. From holding your racket, to footwork and basic stroke technique. Suitable for absolute beginners with zero experience. Also suitable for those with minimal playing experience and for anyone who has yet to gain control of their groundstrokes. (If you don’t know what a groundstroke is, definitely choose the beginners course).

Improvers: Building up from the beginners’ level and having the ability to hold a basic rally and a reasonable serving ability you’ll now want to be gaining more technical skills and stroke actions and playing within tactical situations. You’ll also now start to learn how to apply this knowledge into basic doubles play situations.

Intermediates: With a more reliable and dependable serve and ground stroke, our intermediates course looks at things like shot depth, varying grips along with different spin types, net play and adding variety within your game. We’ll also look to add to your service game and how to also introduce these skills into your doubles game as well as singles.

Advanced: with a good level of proficiency at all the basic skills within the game and a command of building tactical play, our advanced course starts to home in on higher skill requirements. Looking at lob and drop shots, slice and volley (all more advanced stroke action skills) and strengthening your net court game. It will also be a chance to dial in the more technical backhand stroke and start to dominate your baseline game too.

*Please note that all course descriptions are dependent on the overall level of those on the course and course content will be tailored to meet the overriding skills of that group. In order to provide you and others with a quality learning experience, please choose a course that meets your ability and not your availability, if in doubt please ask a member of our staff. If we feel you are not on the appropriate course The Centre reserves the right to offer you an alternative course for your ability or a refund for the remaining sessions of the course if no alternative course is available.

We also offer Junior Tennis courses for children aged 5 to 12. 
  • Fully qualified coach.
  • Saturday mornings 9:00am - 12:00pm in 1 hour session blocks.
  • 9am-10am    9-12 years
  • 10am-11am  5-6 years
  • 11am-12pm  7-8 years
  • Based around school term dates (12-14 week blocks).

We also have on offer a variety of drop in sessions. Some organised social gatherings and some with more structured coaching within game play situations suitable for regular players.

Download our current tennis brochures for course and drop in sessions details:
To download our latest Junior tennis brochure can be found on page 2 of the tennis brochure.
Places are offered on a first-come first-serve basis. Due to high demand, therefore, bookings are taken in advance from specifically chosen dates in order to ensure fairness. These dates can be found on the course brochure.
COURSE ENROLMENTS ARE ONLINE.  Details of how to register for online booking can be found on our homepage >>.
If you want to keep up to date with the latest news and brochures, then please email  to be added to our tennis course mailing list. 

To see the latest tennis course brochures, please visit our Facebook page!