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A kettlebell is a cast iron weight that looks like a cannonball with a handle. It traditionally ranges in weight from 8kg to 48kg!

You may only recently have heard of kettlebells, but they are not some passing fitness fad – they have been used in Russia for well over 300 years and are still the Russian military’s fitness tool of choice. However, kettlebells are now going mainstream, and are hitting the fitness industry in a big way. Celebrities such as Penelope Cruz, J-Lo and Madonna swear by them, the actors from the film '300' trained with them to gain their Spartan warrior look, Matthew McConaughey is a fan and Tiger Woods uses them to improve his core strength for golf. They are proving to be a popular and effective way to train, and can help you achieve your goals, whatever they might be.

Cambridge Kettlebells run a number of classes based at the Centre. Please use the below contact information for full details:

Cambridge Kettlebells

Wednesday 12.40-1.40pm plus various evening classes.

Contact: Alan/Will 

Email: ;