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Advantage Tennis Academies (Cambridge) is one of only 23 such academies in the UK. Its goals are to provide top-level coaching and sports science support to players aged 4-18 years in its performance programme. The Academy provides individual lessons, squad coaching, strength and conditioning, sports psychology, and sports science support such as nutritional advice, log books and Functional Movement Screening.

Attendance at the Academy squads is normally by recommendation from your local coach, but the Academy can also be contacted directly if you wish to arrange a trial for your child if you believe he/she shows promise - please contact the Academy Manager James Yates, on 07983 581372.

Training at the Academy begins at the age of 3-4 years in the tot's sessions and goes up to 18 years. At the age of 16 players are usually enrolled in the Advanced Apprenticeship in Sporting Excellence (AASE) scheme, details of which can be found on The Academy also runs the Cambridge ACES programme in partnership with Cambridge Lawn Tennis Club, and county training groups for Red (5-8 years) and Orange (8-9 years) age groups.

For details on the Centre's fun children's tennis activities, please see this brochure for details of the junior tennis course.  To find out more about our adult tennis coaching programme click here.